Senior - It's your time | Seattle, Kent, Auburn Senior Photography

Having a senior portrait session with a professional photographer should be a once in a lifetime, confidence building, fun and empowering experience -- AND it should be one that results in pictures that will last generations

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What to wear: You should bring at least 4-5 different looks to your session. We may not shoot them all, but it’s always great to have options. Think in shades of casual/cozy to more formal/dressy, Think about necklines and a variety of textures of fabric, lace, etc.. Think about colors that compliment your skin tones (colors that compliment your eyes, skin tone or hair are great). Layers are great (jackets, leather jackets, flannel shirts, etc.) to give us options. 

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At least a week prior to your session: gather and TRY ON each complete outfit. Check that they are clean and that they still fit you well. Don't forget to include any undergarments needed (i.e. no striped undershirts/black bras under light shirts!!) and... please launder / press as needed.

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A few days prior, make sure you stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. Think of this as you would preparing for an audition or interview. This will help keep your skin clear and eyes bright! Don’t stress if you wake up with blemishes the day of your session (and don’t mess with them as it will generally make them worse -- let photoshop do the magic there!) 

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Nails + Eyebrows: this applies to girls AND guys -- clean up your eyebrows before your photo session! And your hands will likely be in at least a few photos, so make sure they look how you want them to look (i.e. fancy manicure is not necessary, but please, no chipped polish!)

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Trust that you’ve hired a photographer who has experience and will be able to direct you to share your most awesome sides, empower you, and bring out your personality for the best photos you’ve ever seen of yourself!

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Sand and Surf | Seattle Maternity Photography

We had the most perfect day for this beautiful maternity session! What a beautiful mama - she was glowing.

Jenna's maternity photos are not only absoluety stunning but also very special. The photos were taken at the beach her grandmother, father and she all played on as children. And will also be the beach her own child will play on as well.

maternity Seattle Photography lace Puget Sounds
Seattle Maternity Photography Puget Sound Lace Heart
Maternity Seattle Tacoma Photography lace water
Seattle Maternity Photography Puget Sound cream gown

This maternity photo session on Whidbey, Washington was amazing. It was such a delight photographing this sweet husband and wife. They have a lighthearted, deep love for each other and i already know they will be amazing parents.

Seattle Maternity Photography Puget Sound Couple

Aren't these mini converse shoes just adorable?

Seattle Maternity Photography Converse Shoes
Seattle Maternity Photography Plaid and Tree
Seattle Maternity Photography Puget Sound Plaid Couple

Janis Olson Photography is a matenity, newborn, children and family photographer based in the Seattle Tacoma area. Want to book a maternity session of your own? 

Whidbey Cousins | Seattle Child Photographer

These little guys were so fun to photograph. They were like a barrel of monkeys - jumping, hopping, running.  Even though they were hard to keep still enough to take some photos, with a promise of treats and some coaxing from the parents I was able to get these adorable photos.

boy blue shirt child photographer Seattle
boy red shirt children photographer Tacoma

We found some shade behind an old barn right next to the raspberry bushes. And within 15 min, I captured the joy and energy of 2 and 3 year old boys. When you get lots of giggles, sweet smiles and big cousin hugs, you've got the makings for real magic.

boys jeans summer Seattle Photographer
boys summer child children photographer photography
boys summer barn Tacoma, Renton, Auburn photographer

Getting these ragamuffins to stand still wasn't easy - but really worth it.

2 year old boy Renton, Seattle, Auburn photographer
boy 2 year old family photography Seattle

Look at this cutie-patootie and his adorable dimple.

boy 3 years old barn summer Family photographer Seattle

After a little break, we brought out some old fashion whipped cream and let the little ones go wild. These two are 6 months apart and are the best of buddies.

Nora | Seattle Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Nora is welcomed by mom, dad and big sister Natalie.  I took these photos on a hot summer day in Portland. It must have been 90 degrees during the session.  The adults were too warm but it was just perfect for this 7 day beauty