Whidbey Cousins | Seattle Child Photographer

These little guys were so fun to photograph. They were like a barrel of monkeys - jumping, hopping, running.  Even though they were hard to keep still enough to take some photos, with a promise of treats and some coaxing from the parents I was able to get these adorable photos.

boy blue shirt child photographer Seattle
boy red shirt children photographer Tacoma

We found some shade behind an old barn right next to the raspberry bushes. And within 15 min, I captured the joy and energy of 2 and 3 year old boys. When you get lots of giggles, sweet smiles and big cousin hugs, you've got the makings for real magic.

boys jeans summer Seattle Photographer
boys summer child children photographer photography
boys summer barn Tacoma, Renton, Auburn photographer

Getting these ragamuffins to stand still wasn't easy - but really worth it.

2 year old boy Renton, Seattle, Auburn photographer
boy 2 year old family photography Seattle

Look at this cutie-patootie and his adorable dimple.

boy 3 years old barn summer Family photographer Seattle

After a little break, we brought out some old fashion whipped cream and let the little ones go wild. These two are 6 months apart and are the best of buddies.