“I’m so excited to book a session, can you tell me more about your approach and the process?”

I believe portrait sessions are for anyone who wants to push their understanding of themselves. Portraits like these bring you out of your comfort zone, and the effects are beautiful every time. You realize you’re stunning, incredibly. You get to laugh and raise a few eyebrows.  You get to walk away knowing you spent a few hours solely for yourself, getting beautiful images as proof of your adventurousness. I work with you throughout the session to get you to move and carry yourself in a way that brings out the best. We discuss your thoughts about the session and what you love the most about you, reflecting those feelings in the images that I create.

If that sounds about right for you, then let’s get chatting about your personalized session.


“How long do sessions take and what’s included?”

I always recommend allowing at least 2.5 hours for your session so there’s plenty of time to relax while choose your favorite accoutrements and carefully crafting your images. Two different session options are available but both include a styled location, wardrobe discussions, and an hour of shooting. For more specific information about session and investment details please contact me. 


Are your sessions like traditional boudoir sessions?”

I don’t usually like the word boudoir. What I do is create portraits—beautiful, real portraits of beautiful, real women. It’s about feeling energized and excited to treat yourself to something special. Every session is unique, from the location to the styling, to the person before my camera. I don’t believe in cookie cutter posing or creating images that fit into one defined category like boudoir. Your session and the images we create are unique to you, so let’s step outside of the confines of that label and make beautiful editorial images you’ll never forget; let’s leave the labels for Pinterest. For a deeper understanding of what a session entails let's get chatting.